Important information :


Grade 0 (0 point awarded): No significant radiographic abnormality 
Grade 1 (1 point awarded): Suspect radiographic image (between normal and abnormal) of no clinical importance 
Grade 2 (2 points awarded): Abnormal radiographic image of unlikely clinical expression 
Grade 3 (4 points awarded): Abnormal radiographic image of probable clinical expression 
Grade 4 (8 points awarded): Abnormal radiographic image of definite clinical expression The radiographic score of a horse is the result of the addition of the points awarded during the study of radiographic images. 
Recent studies show that the average radiographic score of a 3-year-old population of sport horses is close to 5. 

WARNING: The comments in the X-ray images reflect the opinion of the Fences Auctions Consultant Veterinarian and only his opinion. Purchasers are deemed to have obtained the opinion of their own veterinary consultant before bidding and may not rely on any error, lack of information, omission or divergence of interpretation between their veterinary consultant and that of Fences sales to request the implementation of the Fences guarantee.


During the selection

All horses selected undergo a health check during their selection. It is made up of a clinic visit (eyes, heart, lungs, etc.) and an x-ray evaluation.

20 x-rays are requested by Agence Fences:

  • Front view of the front feet (on the oblique hold)
  • Lateral view on the front feet (on the flat hold)
  • Front view of front fetlocks
  • Lateral view of front fetlocks
  • Front view of hind fetlocks
  • Lateral view of hind fetlocks
  • Front and lateral views of the hocks
  • Front and lateral views of the stifles

The cost of this x-ray examination is payable directly to the Fences approved veterinarian.

If you have x-rays dated after March 1st of the current year, it is possible to bring them to the selection to have them read by our veterinarian.

(Only images of sufficient technical quality and images identifying the name of the horse and veterinarian, sent by email in JPEG format to will be accepted. No CD type format will be accepted. An osteoarticular report that only reflects the radiological aspects of the file will be provided, after reading, by the review committee. The latter will rule on a sovereign basis on the acceptance, or not, of the horse for auction.)


On the arrival of the horses at the auction location, they undergo a clinical examination that will determine definitively their access to the auction, or otherwise.

This examination is intended to exclude horses that have not coped well with training, or are unable to provide all good health guarantees. Any recent administration of medication shall be notified and noted in the medical file of the horse for sending to the auction veterinarian.

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