On Tuesday, July 5, the Fences Agency brought together 52 3- and 4-year-old horses in Deauville for the first edition of its Selection Auction in face-to-face format.

The customers and the public in general responded both in the hall and on the internet and the 350 places of the ephemeral restaurant were not enough to welcome the numerous spectators. 10 of the 41 lots auctioned were sold on the Internet from the Fences website.

The Top Price of the evening benefited from this dynamic and interactive atmosphere, because after several rival bids on the spot and on the web, JET SET DLH was sold for 38 000€ in the auction room! However, it was closely followed by JUST WOW, which was sold for 36 000€ online.

With 80% of horses sold and an average price of €15,700, the challenge of returning to physical auctions early in the season to replace the 100% web selection auction has been successful! There is little doubt that Deauville will host the second edition of this event in 2023, which is destined to become a key event in the Fences calendar.