FencesWeb System Operation

To sell on Fencesweb

 To sell a horse on Fencesweb, it’s necessary that it select by our team or by the association who organize the auction on Fencesweb.

Create your account on Fencesweb

Give all informations needed.

We have create a video to help you if you need.

Access your personal profile by clicking on your profile icon

Your personal space, allows you in real time to follow your horses for sale, your current bids and to follow the horses who have interested you and for which you want to be alerted about their sale or about a new auction…

This space will also allow you to access your invoices.

Follow the auction and follow your horse
At the opening of the sale, please connect to Fencesweb and follow the sale of your horse.
Reminder: all our sales are without reserve, so it is to you to defend your horse.
You can do it by two different ways:Follow the auction and decide for yourself when you’re ready to let your horse go.Set up the function automatic bid to make sure that your horse reaches the price you want.
Your horse get sold

At the auction’s closure, if your horse got biddings he is sold!

You will get an email to inform you about the sell price and the additional fees.

The buyer will have to pick him up at your place within 8 days !

Get your money

After the sale, you will receive your seller statement reminding you of the amount of the costs of sale and the amount you will receive for your horse sold.

The money will be wired on your bank account 30 days after the auction’s date.

To buy on Fencesweb

Create your account on Fencesweb

Give all informations needed.

We have create a video to help you if you need.

Clic on the auction’s link you want to bid on

Navigate to the sales for which you want to place bids. Reminder: Auctions start Monday at 8 p.m. and ends the next day in the evening. The remaining time to bid for each horse is displayed using a countdown.

Put your first bid

First bid : just click on bid next to the box indicating the level of the bid to place!

When you click on bid, a message asks you to confirm your bid.

What for? Because bid is already an act of purchase and if your bid is the last one, you are required to honor it.

In order to place a first bid, you will be asked a credit card pre-authorization of €500. This amount will not be debited from your account, it is used to guarantee your bidding process.

Each of your bids will be also confirmed by email.

Over bid

If someone bids over you, you will be alerted by email and cell phone text message and you can continue to bid until the closing of the sale.

You are the high bidder

What’s happening then?

We will confirm by email that you are the new owner of the product! Finally, to become an owner, a last step: pay your bill!

You can choose your payment method: credit card, bank transfer or check.

Once you choosed your payment method, you will receive a sales contract to be signed electronically and an invoice! 

Once you have signed the purchase document and paid your invoice, the horse is yours!

Get your horse

How and when can I get my horse?

You have 6 days to get your horse to the location indicated on the site. Any amount due to Fencesweb must to be paid prior to pick a horse up.

If you don’t know how to ship your horse, our partner Equiservices can transport him to the place of your choice at your own expanses.

Pay attention to not exceed the period of 6 days, after this period boarding fees will apply.