Frequently asked questions

During selections

How do I present a horse for auction ?

It is imperative that you bring it to a selection, to do this:

– Consult the list of selection tours that appears on FencesNews in March or on our website

– Register your horse using the internet form provided for this purpose

Is registration for selection compulsory ?

It is very strongly recommended and allows us to organise time slots that we will provide to you 48 hours before the selection, in order to reduce your waiting times.Registered horses are given priority in the running order.

I am a private individual, can I present a horse for selection ?

Selections are free and open, they are open to all.

Do I have to pay for selections?

Fences selections are free and open.

What must I bring on the day of the selection ?

Firstly, your horse

  • Your horse’s papers with up-to-date vaccinations
  • The details of the owner (Name, phone number, email address, name of the company, VAT regime, VAT number, etc.)
  • Ownership title
  • Optional: a complete radiographic report (see veterinary information) dated after 30 March of the current year
Must I send you photos or a video?

For foals it is imperative, for jumpers we must have at the time of the auction a video of the horses being ridden.

Do you have a referring veterinarian for visits leading to a sale?

Our veterinarian will be present on all selection tours in order to carry out the radiographic protocol as early as possible. If you provide X-rays (dated after 30 March of the current year), he will review them on our behalf.

What is the veterinary protocol?

During selection the horses undergo first a medical exam (gait, eyes, heart etc.) as well as a radiographic exam including 16 X-rays:

  • Profile of front legs (on slanted block)
  • Front of front fetlocks  
  • Front of the carpus
  • Profile of rear fetlocks 
  • Profile of hocks
  • Profile of stifle
  • Profile of front legs
  • Profile of front fetlocks

A complete medical will be performed when the horse arrives at Bois-le-Roi or at the seller’s stable less than 7 days prior to the auction for Fencesweb auctions

How much does the veterinary visit cost?

The radiographic exam is € 320 inc. tax to be paid to the veterinarian. (The medical exam cost of € 120 inc. tax is included in the registration fee)

Must it be Fences’s veterinarian who carries out the X-rays?
  • For Elite auctions yes, unless you have good quality X-rays dated after 30 March of the current year and approved by the Fences veterinarian during the selection.
  • For other auctions, they may be performed by a veterinarian approved by Fences’ veterinarian. However, they must be reviewed by our veterinarian who will give his approval.
What must I do to present a foal?

It is imperative that you register it using our form and supply the maximum amount of information: 

  • Pedigree
  • Date of birth / due date
  • Full contact details of the owner
  • Precise location of the foal
How must I prepare my horse?

The Fences line is made up of 3 jumps:

One with cross bars … Between 6.8 m and 7 m… one vertical (40/60 cm) … between 7.5 m and 7.8 m … an Oxer (1.25 m for those younger than 2 years, 1.4 m for 3 year olds)

During Sales

What are the selection criteria for Fences auctions?

For 3 year olds, it is their jumping quality that prevails over the rest. First and foremost, we sell jumpers! The model is taken into account as a secondary factor for Elite auctions, then pedigree.

For foals, it is absolutely necessary to have a dream pedigree as we are selling hope. 
Follow thereafter the breed standards, and in particular chic, as well as movement. 
We look at balance during selection since many foals, whether at Elite auctions or Fencesweb auctions, are bought by people who trust us and buy based on images and pedigree, without necessarily seeing them up close prior to purchase. 

What are the registration fees ?

For Elite auctions: € 600 ex. tax for jumpers and € 500 ex. tax for breeding

For Fencesweb auctions: € 190 ex. tax

What is the Fences guarantee?

The Fences guarantee is made up of two separate elements:

  • All horses sold are insured up to the auction price against the risk of death for 60 days, with our partner GRAS-SAVOYE-HIPCOVER. This guarantee can be immediately extended in time, without administration fees. The cost of the extension is then borne by the new purchaser.
  • The horses are guaranteed for three months against defects affecting their substantive qualities, not revealed in the veterinary file and affecting their sporting use. This guarantee applies to 100% of the purchase price with a ceiling of 100,000 euros.
What happens if my horse receives no bids ?

The horse is withdrawn without further cost to the seller

What is the estimated value defined between the seller and Fences?

The estimated value is defined between the partners and the sellers during selection This confidential information is NEVER publicly revealed. It allows us to calculate the fees in case of repurchase.

What must I provide to Fences on the sale of my horse?

For Elite auctions you must provide us with:

  • The horse’s records with up-to-date vaccination information
  • Signed proof of ownership (Given to the auctions office)
  • For foals, the description must have been made BEFORE the auction and approved by the SIRE [French Equidae Information System]
When must I deliver my horse?

The horses must arrive the Friday preceding an auction, i.e. in 2018, on 24 August

Must I look after my horse during the Elite auction?

We have a qualified team that looks after everything (from grooming to exercise and feeding). This is part of the service provided by Fences

What must I leave at the stables?
  • Your horse
  • Its papers
  • Its blankets (if it has any)
  • Its veterinary prescriptions where appropriate
Must I come to feed my horse?

No, our team will look after your horse from beginning to end during the auctions. Unless you provide instructions to the contrary, it will be fed with food provided by our partner Royal Horse

Must my horse be clipped?

It is strongly recommended and it cannot be done by the Fences team

Must my horse be shod?

We recommend the horses be shod. However, if the horse has never been shod, do not shoe them less than two weeks before the auction, this could cause it discomfort.

Must I insure my horse?

It is not compulsory but our partner “Gras Savoye – Hipcover” offers insurance for your horses (including foals) through three different contracts to be sent straight to them:

  • From selection to auction
  • 8 days prior to the auction
  • Foals
How do I attend auctions?

Access to the auctions is entirely free and open for the seats in the stands.

If you like, you can reserve a place for dinner from August onwards.

How can I book places for dinner for the Elite auctions?

Two options:

  • You can send us the reservation coupon available in the August edition of FencesNews with a cheque
  • You can complete the reservation form (from August onwards) on our website and send us payment by transfer, cheque or credit card
Where can I find the results of previous auctions?

Simply search for the name of the horse you are interested in on our “They passed by Fences” page