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Since 1991, research on juvenile Osteoarticular disorders (AOAJ) have been undertaken on Selle Français and Anglo-Arabes 3 years old horses. The aim was to determine, among the French population of sport horses, the proportion of young subjects with radiographic abnormalities that might affect their athletic careers and their commercial outcome. This is why the Fences auctions company, wished to be able to provide buyers with information on the osteo-articular status of auctionned horses.

Method :

1. Collecting information

To establish the radiographic score in a consistent manner across the different horses, it was first necessary to set up a protocol. consiting of the realization of twelve x-rays pictures(Fore limb: hoof front and lateral view, fetlock lateral view; Hind limb: fetlock, hock, stifle, lateral view).

2. Information analysis

To interpret these snapshots homogeneously and as objectively as possible, different types of x-ray images based on their clinical and sports consequences have been identified. Therefore, anatomical variants, inconsequential, suspicious, transitional between normal and pathological images and finally abnormal images reflecting a juvenile, early acquired and stable lesion or evolutive injuries have been identified.

3. Evaluation

The records of all the horses were evaluated by Dr. SCHLOTTERER who decides to approve or refute the registration of a horse to one of our sales. Veterinary records (reports and X-rays) are available on our website. Everyone is free to consult them and send them to a veterinarian of his choice for a personalized evaluation.


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