The guarantee on offer to buyers is double :

1) All the horses at auction are guaranteed an auction price against the risk of death for 60 days, by our partner GRAS-SAVOYE – HIPCOVER. Said guarantee may be extended immediately over time, without incurring administration costs. The cost of extension shall then be borne by the new acquirer.

2) The horses are guaranteed for three months against all defects affecting their substantial qualities, not indicated in the veterinary file and affecting their sporting use. This guarantee is applicable on 100% of the purchase price with a ceiling of 100.000 euros.

The horses are physically examined by Dr Schloterer when they are selected and deemed suitable for proposal; their radiological file will have been sent to CIRALE and read by Professor Denoix. CIRALE’s appraisal features in the catalogue with an explanation.

Upon their arrival in the sales establishment, the horses will have been clinically reviewed by Dr Schloterer and this examination will have been filmed. All of these elements, as well as the film, form part of the veterinary file that is made available to buyers and their veterinary advisors. We strongly urge you to take note thereof as the guarantee is applicable only to elements that are not indicated in these files.

The guarantee’s implementation is covered by an explanation that may be obtained on simple request from the secretariat.

We considered this significant effort made with regard to buyers necessary to “secure” as much as to possibly make their investment and reinforce the air of trust that must reign over our sales at auction.

The purchase of a young horse in view of his training remains a risky undertaking as in any sport and activity involving living organisms and we do not claim to be able, one day, to offer the same guarantees as a car manufacturer or estate agent.

The education and enhancement of a young horse will always require intuition, patience, know-how and little bit of success : this is the purchasers’ role and they will receive their just reward when the results are good !



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