Cheval Liberté

For over 10 years, the company Cheval Liberté is a major partner sales Fences.
We owe them the installation of boxes and sales office and we have built with them the trophy “Fences – Cheval Liberté”.
This trophy is open to all horses aged 4 years and have been awarded to sales Fences. It rewards the owner with the best gains at the end of finals.

Website : www.chevalliberte.fr

So far the winner found himself pulled back a van range Cheval Liberté.
In 2015, the winner get a Gold Touring van



Fences Web

The first permanent horse's auction website in Europe

Website : www.fencesweb.com



Gras Savoye-Hipcover

This time partner, always present at our sales, offers our customers “tailored solutions” to their needs and additional insurances already included in the cost of purchasing.

Website : www.grassavoye.fr



Société Hippique Française

Parent compagny of the young sport horses in France, they organized the finals in Fontainebleau

Website : www.semaine-fontainebleau.com




Harcour is a French fashion brand founded by a team of passionate people and which has succeeded to stand out not only for its elegance but also for its creativity and advanced innovation. As a partner, Harcour provides the Team Fences with clothes that are technical, comfortable and modern to ensure the presentation of horses in optimum conditions.

Web site : www.harcour.fr



Selle Français

Selle Français studbook, reference in sport horses

Website : www.sellefrancais.fr




CWD sellier

Our partner is faithful to the forefront of new technologies for manufacture of saddles but also all other leather equipment for horses.

CWD is present at Fences and they will offer a saddle to a rider of young horses purchased at Fences.

Website : www.cwdsellier.com



Dy'on Briderie

Dy'on is a constant renewal of the horse's development within its discipline, the rider within his or her art, and the increasing innovation of the product.

They provide the bridles and the protections for horses at the Fences sales.

Site Web : www.dyon.be






Union Nationale Interprofessionnelle du Cheval" (UNIC) is an officially recognised non-profit organisation. Its main goal is to promote and develop the French horse industry around the world.

Website : www.french-horse-connexion.com



  Edouard SET

The team of Edouard Set that will provide the dinner parties of the sale Elite.





Royal Horse

The group EVIALIS (Royal Horse), an international animal health and nutrition group, will deliver his annual 10 tons of food to feed the horse sales in Elite Auction and Selection Auction at Bois le Roi.

Website : www.evialis.com



Moet & Chandon

Like every year, with the kind help of MM Arnaud Jacquinet and Pierre Richel, Moët & Chandon will sparkle Fences evenings.

Website : www.moet.com



Alliance Equine

Alliance Equine, laboratory dedicated to Equine Health, manufactures and distributes nutritional supplements and personal care products, from raw materials of natural origin of high quality.

 Website : www.alliancequine.fr



Le Cheval

L’Eperon and Le Cheval are also our faithful partners, present at the sale to inform you in their magazines but also live on their respective sites.

Website : www.lecheval.fr





L’Eperon and Le Cheval are also our faithful partners, present at the sale to inform you in their magazines but also live on their respective sites.

Website : www.cavadeos.com



PSV Morel

Official photographer during the Fences auctions 

Website : www.psvphoto.com





For many years, the team of Nathalie and Olivier Bossard is transporting horses worldwide. They are our official partners for sales and are available for organizing the delivery of your horses.

Website : www.equiservices.fr






Grand Prix Tv

Grand Prix Tv is an equestrian film production company

Website : http://www.wanevents.com



Clip my Horse

Clip my horse, Equestrian film production company

Website : https://www.clipmyhorse.tv/en/



Equestre Americas

Where the best articles meets the best readers and the best brands meets the best customers. Bilingual magazine, English and Spanish

Website : www.equestreamericas.com/



Dupichot & Capdebarthes - Demeures

Real estate agency specializing in exceptional equestrian properties

Website : www.dandc-demeures.com



Paul Jaloubet Aîné

Wines that always tell a story

Website : www.jaboulet.com



Clip my horse

Equestrian sport and breeding tv

Website : www.clipmyhorse.tv



Grand Prix

As an editorial website, GrandPrix-Replay offers to its readers a complete overview of the equestrian news.

Website : www.grandprix-replay.com

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