Frequently Asked Questions FENCES

1/ Selections

What do we do to present horses in one selection?

•Consult the selection tour in the March Fences News or in our website
•Register the horse with the available form on the Internet

Is it obligatory to do the registration?

It is strongly advised and will allow to set up time slots which we shall pass on to transmit you 48 hours before the selection to reduce your waiting time.

I'm not professional. Can I present my horse in a selection?

Of course

Do I pay to present my horse in a selection?
The presentation in a selection is free

What do I have to bring the day of the selection?

• The registration form
• The notebook of the horse up to date of vaccines

• The address and phone number of the owner (such, e-mail, VAT diet)

· Optional: the balance sheet radioschedules made after 15 Mars

Do we have to send you photos ? video ?
• Obligatory for Foals (if they are born)
•To the 2 and 3 years old, it's not an obligation, we keep them in the book

Have you a veterinarian choose for the visits with the aim of sales?
Yes he's present during the tour to realize the radiographic protocol

What is the protocol?

Go the the vet page in our website

Is it necessarily your veterinarian who makes radios?

• To the Elite auction, yes, unless you have good quality and posterior radios in March 15th of the current year (cf vet protocol)
• to the others auctions, they could realizedwith your vet if he is agred by our vet  but should control by our vet who give the note (vet page)

 Can I give my radios?

• If you have good quality and posterior radios in March 15th of the current year
• Balance sheet and report radioschedules to send on

Can I present a yearling ? a pony ?
What should I do to present a brood mare or a foal?
Register him on the form in the website in the "foal à présenter section" and fill at least the following parts :
• Pedigree
• Date of birth / date of term
• picture
• Video (Optionnal)
• Place where is visible the foal and/or the brood mare
How do I do if my foal is not born ?
•Specify the date of the term so that the partners can plan their passage
•In every case, contact us from the birth of the foal

 What is the deadline to register a foal ?
Foal born after the June 20th can't be present because they will be so young for the sale
How do I prepare my horse to the sale ?
On a line of obstacle describe in the March Fences News of the current year


2/ Registration on the sales

What are the admissions conditions to the Fences auctions ?
What are registration fees? 
Elite : 490 HT
Selection : 150 HT
Service : 320 HT
What is the deadline to cancelled the registration of my horse in the sale ?
Elite: Your decision is take after the selection of your horse and the validatioin of his registration is definitive after the VET confirmation.
Selection : You have 10 days after the selection to cancelled by mail

What is the Fences guarantee?

Go to the website

What happens if my horse has no bids? ?

The horse is retired of the sale without supplementary fees to the saller
To what corresponds the estimated value concludes between me ( the owner) and the partners Fences?
It suited during the selection of the horse and registered on the registration form without being publicly revealed; it is used in case of repurchase of the horse.


3/ Arrived at sales

Concerning the notebook of your horse, he NECESSERALY has to be :
• Up to date of vaccination,
· the description must be made
· validated with the National Stud farms
· the title deed has to arrive signed and fills and must be put back to the office of sales
When do I have to put down my horse in sales?
Elite : Friday or Saturday before the rehearsal (Monday)

Who take care of my horse ?

We commit a team which takes care of everything (of the grooming in the exits including the food); all this is included in the registration.
What do I have to leave in the stables of sales?
• The notebook of your horse
• Blanket
• Veterinary prescription if necessary
Should I feed?

No, the food is include in the registration and provided by our partner Royal Horse
Should I comb?

No, a hairdresser team is employed by the Agency

Should it be mowed?
Is'nt an obligation but advised it will not be done by Fences
Should I put horseshoes to my horse?

Preferably on previous


4/ Others

How do I to assist at the sales ?
•The acces to the sales is totaly free
Can I reserv to dinner during the September sales?
Yes with the coupon available in the website or in the August Fences news and to send us the payment for the confirmation.
How get the DVD and catalog of the Elite Auctions ?
Send the coupon available in the website and the payment.

Is there a DVD for the SELECTION Auctions ? 

No, but you can find the horse's videos on the website

Where can find the auctions results ? 

On the website :
to the general website :
To individual result :

Sales result

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