From two years ago, horses sale on the internet have increase. In 1989, Fences was one of the first to propose international physical auction. Concerned to remain pioneer we have decided to launch the first permanent web site for horse auction in Europe, Fences Web.

By our SVV status and the obligation wich comes with it, we guarantee to our buyers and sellers transparency and security.

Our website is open for all.
Fencesweb is made for all breeders, associations, professionals, individuals, each can find on Fencesweb a tailor-made sale.On Fencesweb, you will find, all information, you need to take your decision, one month before the sale : the place where each horse is visible and reliable Veterinary informations, photos & videos, and more.

Auction started every Monday evening at 7 pm and closed every Tuesday evening between 7 :30 pm and 10 :30 pm.
Don’t miss our first online sales :- the preview one dedicated to foal, mares and embryos, on August 16th- the Fences Selection Sales,
already known for the 3 years old horses on September 11th and 12th.

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